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Empowering Professional Women to Reach their Potential.


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Empowered woman was written to empower women to be extraordinary. The author breaks down five principles for accomplishing any life goal into easy-to-follow practical steps. The principles of “Thinking Big”, “Conquering Your Fears”, “Seeking and Acquiring Knowledge”, “Finding Mentors”, and “Acting and Following Through”. Empowered woman gives you the tools to find your hidden talents, change your mindset, break down self-doubt, overcome insecurity, unlock your potential, and crush your goals.

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Keynote Speaker

In her speaking engagements, Dr. Ajao teaches the five principles in her book to professional women to empower and elevate them to their next level. Dr. Ajao breaks each principle down into practical and easy to adopt tools. Book Dr. Ajao to speak at your next women's meeting to equip your community of professional women with essential tools to reach their potential.



Through her coaching service, Dr. Ajao works with professional women to uncover their hidden talents, change their mindset, break down self-doubt, face their fears, overcome insecurity, unlock their potential, crush their goals, and ultimately fulfill their potential.

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